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Albany is the capital of New York and the hub of the Capital Region, located in the eastern part of mid-New York State.

The region covers almost 5,200 square miles and includes the ‘Tri-City Area’ of Albany, Troy, Schenectady. This region is known for its robust economy, arts and culture, colleges and universities as well as exceptional recreational opportunities.


Albany and the Capital Region have it all.

The city of Albany and the Capital Region offer unlimited opportunities for personal as well as professional growth. The ability to offer its residents, and visitors alike, world-class cultural venues in a metropolitan setting alongside outdoor recreational activities and breathtaking scenic backdrops is why the Region is considered the Crown Jewel of the Mohawk Valley.

Albany County

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Columbia County

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Rensselaer County

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Saratoga County

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Schenectady County

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Capital Region

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Albany and the Capital Region is both dynamic and spirited, balancing a historic and legislative heritage with an exciting metropolitan ambience.

Residents and visitors will always be able to find something to do. Whether you prefer downtown city outings, outdoor recreation, cultural activities, boutique shopping, or academic interests – Albany and the Capital Region have something for everyone.

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Albany and the Capital Region are home to some of New York’s and the Northeast Region’s most prestigious centers of higher learning.

Students that come to the region will also have access to some of the finest outdoor recreational opportunities in the state. Whether you’re considering one of the public state campuses or a private college or university, Albany and the Capital Region have the postsecondary institutions that offer something for everyone.

SUNY Albany

Not only is Albany home to some of the most beautiful outdoor areas of the country, but it’s a great place to live!

The cost of living here is substantially less expensive than the national average, and the average income is significantly higher. Our vibrant city has beautiful architecture, a lively downtown area, and no major traffic or crowds. Enjoy gorgeous four season living with both the with the Finger Lakes, the Berkshires, and Lake Placid within a short drive.

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