Meet Our Recruitment Team

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Tara Little-Stewart

After graduating with her BSN from SUNY IT, Tara started her career as a staff nurse in critical care, and she loved every minute of patient care! She was then presented with the opportunity to recruit in HR. Her goal was to onboard nurses that would love it here as much as she did. While in HR, Tara had opportunity to learn about the many different aspects of management. To her this seemed like the best of both worlds, leading to the transition to the Manager of the Medical Intensive Care Unit. She loved the complexity, fast pace, amazing staff and physician team, but most of all, she loved the patients. She also discovered that she enjoyed interviewing the staff, on-boarding the nurses and making their transition into the unit seamless. Hence, Tara is back to recruiting and this time recruiting primarily for the ICU’s.

  • Tara’s favorite food: Anything that tastes like pure sugar!
  • Fun fact: Tara loves cats. Not quite to the point of being a crazy cat lady but according to her husband and son, she is well on her way!
  • Her favorite thing to do in the Region: Tara enjoys checking out all of the great restaurants.

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Nera (Nedziba) Duric

Nedziba joined Albany Medical Center in July 2009 as an Administrative Support Associate for Patient Care Productivity and Fiscal Management, and transitioned into the HR Associate| Recruiter position in October 2016. Nedziba is a 2008 graduate of Siena College with Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing Management. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, cooking, spending time with family and friends.

  • Nera’s favorite food: Any Bosnian Food!
  • Fun fact: Nera does not follow any sports.
  • Her favorite thing to do in the Region: She enjoys discovering a fascinating mix of attractions such as the Empire State Plaza, Howe Caverns, Baseball Hall of Fame, Proctor’s Theatre, Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Albany Institute of History & Art, New York State Museum, and others with her children.

Wendy Press

Wendy began her AMC career in May 2000, and for almost the entire time she has had the pleasure to coordinate and be part of the Philippine RN Recruitment program. Working with the Filipino RNs and Medical Technologists is her joy! She admires the determination, passion, and great happiness they possess and that is what has fueled her passion to continue to work with Filipinos for this long. Wendy earned her Associates degree in Marketing Management from Sage College of Albany and her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Iona College.

  • Wendy’s favorite food: NYC style cheese Pizza.
  • Fun fact: Wendy is a published author. She co-authorized 2 pieces about Foreign RN Recruitment.
  • Her favorite thing to do in the Region: Wendy is fortunate enough that living in upstate New York, she has so many exciting things to do in a short drive. But, her favorite place to hang out during the summer is her own back yard. She and her husband have been able to transform their backyard into a tranquil spot where they can relax and enjoy while they watch the kids swim in the pool!

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Lindita Kita

Lindita studied Communication with a minor in Business Administration at University at Albany and took numerous courses in Human Resources which sparked an interest in pursuing a career in the field. She entered the healthcare industry in 2010 and transitioned into the Human Resources field in 2013 with a focus on Recruitment. Lindita was drawn to Recruitment specifically because she enjoys partnering with hiring managers and delivering good news to candidates.

  • Lindita’s favorite food: She will try anything once, but she mostly enjoys seafood… all of it!
  • Fun fact: She absolutely loves flowers and plants! Family and friends call her “crazy plant lady.”
  • Her favorite thing to do in the Region: When she is not searching for new restaurants or little quaint coffee shops, you can find Lindita exploring the outdoors and nature. In spring, summer and fall, most weekends are spent hiking and chasing waterfalls.

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Lindsey Goetze

After graduating from Alfred University with a degree in Communications and a minor in Spanish, Lindsey continued to grow and develop at Target Inc. as one of their store managers. She loves working with people and had the opportunity to become a part of AMC’s HR team. Lindsey loves being a part of the recruitment process and onboarding new talent.

  • Lindsey’s favorite food: She loves a good Taco Tuesday at Cantina’s in Saratoga, Druthers comes as a close second with their mac and cheese at any of their locations. Rounding in third place would have to be The Whistling Kettle in Ballston Spa with their legendary “Afternoon Tea” special.
  • Fun fact: Lindsey has a twin brother.
  • Her favorite thing to do in the Region: Besides eating and snacking, she loves taking trips to Lake George and just being out on the water.

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Leslie M. Duell, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Leslie is originally from Upstate NY. After graduating from University at Albany, she spent the first 15 years of her career working in various management roles within healthcare human resources. It was after a few years working in another industry that she realized how passionate she was about working in healthcare and how much she enjoyed recruiting. Those few years leading the People & Culture Team at a rapidly growing local marketing agency afforded her the chance to take a deep dive into social media marketing, which is so important in recruitment. Having held Albany Med in such high regard over the years, Leslie was thrilled at the chance to join in 2018 as the Director of Talent Acquisition and is excited to lead a remarkable team as they blaze the trail and further Albany Med’s employment brand.

  • Leslie’s favorite food: It’s a tie…She loves Ice cream and just about anything with buffalo chicken on it!
  • Fun fact: She has been asked for her autograph many times over the years as people used to often mistake her for Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years.
  • Her favorite thing to do in the Region: She’s lived in the Northeast her whole life and it wasn’t until she graduated from college that she was able to truly appreciate all that the region has to offer. The views are breathtaking, especially as the leaves turn in the fall. She is fortunate enough to be able to enjoy lots of time with family and friends on Lake George, which is where she can be found most spring, summer and fall weekends -enjoying those amazing views!

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Nicole Jandreau

Nicole joined Albany Med in 2017 working as an administrative coordinator in the Faculty Practice then for the head of Human Resources. Now she has the pleasure of being a Recruiter on the Talent acquisition Team. Nicole is a graduate of SUNY Plattsburgh with a double major in Business Management and International Business and an MBA from the University at Albany. Nicole also works part-time with youth in the community on rehabilitation and social skills.

  • Nicole’s favorite food: Wood-fired margherita pizza
  • Fun fact: Nicole has a goal to visit every continent and currently has 4 under her belt.
  • Her favorite thing to do in the Region: Taking advantage of shows and performances whenever she can at places like the Palace Theater, Proctors, SPAC, Washington Park and Jennings Landing.

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Kathryn Knerr

Kathryn graduated from SUNY Empire with a bachelor’s degree in Community & Human Service. She began her career at Albany Medical Center in 2014 with the Practice Operations team and Physician Recruitment team. In the summer of 2019 she joined the Nurse Recruitment team with the intention to make her experience with recruitment at AMC well rounded.

  • Kathryn’s favorite food: Brunch is her favorite meal on the weekends, especially eggs benedict from New World Bistro and Café Madison in Albany.
  • Fun fact: Kathryn is always up for a challenge, whether it’s serious or silly. For example, her uncle once made a bet that she couldn’t tread water for an hour while they were on a summer vacation. She took that bet a step further and tread water for 2 hours!
  • Her favorite thing to do in the Region: Kathryn loves playing on a kickball and volleyball league at Lincoln Park during the spring, summer and fall seasons. She enjoys summer concerts at the Empire State Plaza and Jennings Landing, as well as theater performances at the Park Playhouse. She can often be found kayaking at Burden Lake and snowshoeing at Tawasentha Park. Kathryn is also passionate about photography, she loves taking photos of anything outdoors and of her family and friends.
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